Status: Pending Review


  • Innovative Wearable Technology integration for the Fitbit Ionic & Versa

  • Discrete, One-Touch Emergency & Warning Alerts

  • Simple "All-Clear" Alert

  • Setup in minutes, Emergency Notifications in seconds

Status: Leasing to Government


  • Commercial, Industrial, Government, Loss Prevention, Public Safety Applications

  • Advanced Facial Recognition

  • Emotional-Sentiment Analysis (Facial, Documents & Social Media)

  • Automatic Dispatching & Incident Response

  • State-of-the-Art Natural Language Processing

  • Smart Video Analysis

  • Immediate Threat Identification & Notifications

Status: In Development


  • Innovative Wearable Technology integrations with Fitbit or Apple Watches

  • Kasper Artificial Intelligence (Heart Rate Variability & Monitoring)

  • Direct-App Interface for main interactions and settings

  • Secondary Discrete-App Interface for phones & smartwatches to discretely sent alerts if you're in trouble

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